How long will it take to get my order?

Please be aware that our phone cases are custom printed with our unique designs once the order has been placed. We greatly appreciate all orders and will get the product to our customers as quickly as possible. You will receive an email confirming your shipment as soon as it heads out the door!

What percentage of proceeds goes to animal shelters and rescue organizations?

We wish we could give 100%, but realize that would not enable us to operate a business!  We happily give 15-20% of proceeds from every phone case sale to animal shelters and rescue organizations.  This amount allows us to cover our operational costs, while still giving back to the homeless animals that we want to support.  Check out our About Us page to see which organizations have already received some of our proceeds!

What is your return policy?

Each order is custom and printed on demand, therefore we do not accept returns unless there is a defect with the product. In the rare event that an order is shipped with a defect, we will absolutely offer a replacement if the defect is reported within 30 days.

How do I get involved in volunteering at a shelter?

Volunteering is incredibly rewarding and we do it as well!  Click on the link below to get more information on how to find an organization to volunteer for!