Tofu & Natto's Stories

Why did you decide to rescue?

It kind of just happened because I saw that they needed rescuing, so I helped.. haha

Please tell us your story with rescuing. 

The first cat, Tofu, basically just came up to me & had this “Let me stay with you” look. She was a stray I fed once, and after she managed to find me in my office which was on the 2nd floor!
The second, Natto, was brought over by a friend who found it abandoned in a box. The eyes were swollen & infected and it was so tiny… I just couldn't bare to let it wither away. He was almost blind, but with treatment over time, his eyes are now fully recovered, though the severity of the infection still caused a little scarring on the left cornea – but his eyesight is good enough that he can play fetch very well! 
Both of them have very different personalities. Tofu is quite an introvert, super loyal & obedient. Natto is just like an overly-attached boyfriend at times & super playful & cheeky at other times. What these two cats have in common is that they both love car rides & their puppy-like qualities (haha!)
What was your biggest fear with rescuing and how did this fear play out once all was said and done?
My biggest fear was I couldn’t get them well (if they were sick, like Natto). The fear just made me more cautious on how I handle their illnesses/wounds and it’s so rewarding to see them recover, grow up beautifully & return your affection & love.
Would you rescue again?
Definitely! I don’t think I’d have pets any other way.
What would you say the most positive part of rescuing is?

That you know you’re helping another living being.

What would you like everyone to know about this topic?

Rescue pets multiply love!

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