Ollie, Punkin, and Tex's Stories

Why did you decide to rescue?
There are so many reasons to rescue it's hard for me to communicate just one. I guess the simple reason is too many good dogs out there without homes. 
Please tell us your story with rescuing.
My family has 3 rescues. Ollie, the oldest and smallest, is a tiny Chihuahua/mix my daughter Scout picked out from the San Angelo Animal Shelter. Her first word other than momma was puppy, so naturally I started looking online at the shelters around my area, and decided to make the drive to San Angelo. Scout was a year old and was so excited to see the puppies. As we walked in she immediately saw this tiny, long haired, black and tan 3 year old dog, but to Scout, small = puppy. It was love at first sight and Ollie became our first rescue.
Punkin, a sweet and very energetic, young yellow lab was running around a parking lot one early afternoon when Scout and I had stopped by the store. I was instantly concerned for the dog's well being, as there was major construction going on in the parking lot next to us and we were on the busiest road in our town. We overheard, as we were entering the store, a customer tell an employee that she saw a car dump the dog. My heart sank. After speaking with the employee myself, I decided there was no way I was leaving this sweet dog. Some may think it is crazy, not knowing the temperament or history of this animal, and maybe it was. But I had a feeling, she just needed love. My daughter and I loaded her up in the truck and she's been a sweet addition to our family.
Then there's our rambunctious baby boy Tex! I could literally start his story with "it was a dark and stormy night," because it was. (Insert winkie emoji here) My fiance and I were out back with the other dogs in the short break between rain showers when we heard the loudest yelps and cries I have ever heard coming from somewhere past our lot. We put our dogs inside and set off to find out what was going on.  As we got to the back gate we could see a small round puppy crying all alone in the middle of the road. He was soaking wet, muddy, and shaking. Luckily he wasn't hurt, just extremely scared. Tex and the rest of the crew are now, living that spoiled, happy dog life with us crazy humans. 
Would you rescue again?
Absolutely, without a doubt I will continue to rescue. 
What would you say the most positive part of rescuing is?
The most positive thing about rescuing, other than providing a good home for animals in need, is the impact that it's made on my daughter. Passing something as important as this along to her, is a great feeling. 
What would you like everyone to know about this topic?
There are far too many animals, all kinds, in need of safe, happy, forever homes. If you want an animal, remember to rescue! They need you. 

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