Jewel's Story

Why did you decide to rescue?

When I was little, my dad would always take me to the animal shelters to look at dogs. We eventually adopted a dog, and she was the sweetest thing ever. When she passed away, I didn't want another dog honestly. When I got married, my husband and I decided we wanted a dog. Every dog deserves a second chance. I had my heart set on adopting and he went a long with it.

Please tell us your story with rescuing. 

Once my husband and I got married, we wanted a dog right away. However, my husband JUST started his company so he was really busy. I kept saying it's not a good time for a dog. This kept going for 2-3 months. Eventually my husband set a date to go to the shelter. When that date was set, we were determined to leave with a dog no matter what. When we walked through the doors, my husband and Jewels (our dog) locked eyes immediately. I casually walked around. My husband pulled me aside and told me that she's the one. He has a gut feeling about her, just like he had a gut feeling about me when he first met me. We told the staff we would like to see her, and boy was she scared of us. She was a timid one. She reminded me of the dog that I adopted when I was little. So then and there, we adopted her. 

Would you rescue again?

Yes we would definitely rescue again. However, we are in a slight dilemma. We want a full breed golden retriever, but we want to adopt. However, we have decided, when we get a house we will look into adopting at the Golden Retriever Rescue in Houston. Hopefully, they have a puppy available, but we understand that full breed puppies are hard to come by. We just decided recently to start fostering. Our Jewels is bored at home, so we decided this is a good opportunity for her to have a play mate until we find our next dog. 

What would you say the most positive part of rescuing is?

The BEST part was witnessing her grow out of her shell. She was a shy timid puppy, and now she's a playful little girl. She still has trust issue with strangers, but she is slowly getting better.

What would you like everyone to know about this topic?

Every dog deserves a second chance. There are so many dogs left abandoned or unwanted. They deserve to be spoiled and wanted. I also want everyone to know if they don't want to adopt, think about fostering. Make a difference in a dog or puppys life. Just showing them love will make a difference. If not fostering, it's also good to donate any items such as leashes, collars, bowls, etc to a local shelter.

You can follow sweet Jewels on her Instagram page:  @jewelstheratterrier



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