Jasmine's Story

Meet sweet Jasmine aka Jazzy. She was initially brought to a free neighborhood dog day clinic for vaccines and a skin condition from local breeder. Her skin condition was treated at that time. Her owner reached out to @4RFriends in late May reporting that her condition had worsened. Jasmine was surrendered to 4RF and that afternoon was taken for emergency x-rays. These x-rays revealed a small fracture in her skull. Her entire head was swollen and she was also limping badly from a wound in between her toes. She was taken to a veterinary specialty center where an internal medicine specialist placed an ultrasound on her leg. A foxtail had entered in between her toes and traveled up her leg. This created a major infection which entered her blood stream and seeded bacteria in the fracture in her skull. She was taken into emergency surgery to remove the foxtail. She is still under antibiotic therapy and is thriving. When she was initially came into our rescue she was a very sad, shy, sick, and lethargic girl. Now she is a very happy adopted girl that loves people!

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