Jack, Jill, and Rocky!

Rockin Pets Foundation was notified of 3 siblings by a concerned bystander.  They lived, along with the rest of their colony, in an apartment parking lot.  They had to dodge cars all day and run back and forth on the hot summer asphalt - forgotten and neglected, along with the rest of the colony of cats, dumpster diving, and just trying to survive and get a meal.  These 3 were very sick with upper respiratory infections, eye infections, were dehydrated, covered in fleas, and were anemic.  Even though they were feral, we knew we couldn't leave them, they didn't stand a chance.  Aside from braving the elements, and their poor health, a couple of kittens unfortunately had already passed. 
Luckily these 3 made it out :) 
After much tlc and medical intervention, these 3 are thriving!  They are healthy and strong, have come out of their shells and have shown their purrsonalities :)  They all love to play with their feather wands and catnip toy mice.  Their coats are shiny and they have gained weight.  They never have to worry again about being fed or if they have to scatter away because a car is coming.  And best of all, they are loved and have found their furever home.
If you would like to learn more about our partner, Rockin Pets Foundation, please visit them: 

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