Hank's Story

Why did you decide to rescue?

I was living alone and felt like it was a good time in my life to have a furry companion.  My mom actively participates in animal rescue so I was well aware of the countless dogs that needed homes.  So for me, this was the only way to go.

Please tell us your story with rescuing.

I found Hank in a San Diego rescue facility.  He was sitting in his room with his wild hair and looking up at me so cutely.  He was so friendly and full of energy.  Hank loves everyone he meets so it was love at first site for us both. 

What was your biggest fear with rescuing and how did this fear play out once all was said and done?

My biggest fear was that I would not have enough time to care for Hank in between work and school.  Also, I did not know how he would behave in regards to potty training and staying home alone.  I quickly found out that when you have a dog you learn how to make time for them.  They also can participate in a large portion of your life, especially in San Diego where everyone is so dog friendly.  Hank was also very quick to learn how to potty outside with only a few accidents here and there.  The biggest challenge was having him stay home alone.  Hank suffered from severe anxiety and cried for hours after I left the house.  This was a huge struggle to deal with but through patience, training, and time, Hank’s anxiety improved.  He also has another dog in the house that helped him a lot. 

Would you rescue again?

Of course!  Rescuing is the only option for me. 

What would you say the most positive part of rescuing is?

Giving a dog a warm home where he/she will get lots of love. 

What would you like everyone to know about this topic?

Rescuing animals is a wonderful way to give back to the community.  It is a mutually beneficial practice in which you get a loving animal and they get a forever home.  That animal will thank you every day, every time you come home, even if you have only been gone for a minute.


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