Hamish & Elle's Stories

Hamish's story: On October the 15th, 2011, my family decided it was time to add to the family. Off to the shelter we went. We met a heap of dogs that day. We loved them all, but we still hadn't found that instant bond we were looking for. We were just about to leave when my Dad noticed a row of empty cages and decided to check the last one just in case. Sure enough there was a sad, lonely, brindle staffy sitting in the corner of that last cage.
We both went up to the cage and knelt down slowly to get a better look. He got up and made his way over to us and as soon as he looked up at us we melted. One of the girls got him out for us so we could have a play and cuddle. We were in love.
Hamish was found earlier that year walking around in extreme heat. His paws were badly damaged from walking for weeks. He was skinny and scared. The shelter told us they believe they know the house he came from, but couldn't prove it. It was a known dog fighting house. He'd been abused. He was scared of everything. They said he clearly wasn't capable of being a fighting dog so he was abandoned and left walking the streets to fend for himself.
We took Hamish home that same day. They were not wrong, Hamish is nowhere near capable of being a fighting dog. He is the sweetest dog in the world. He loves nothing but your love and affection. Cuddles are a must! He's gone from an abused, abandoned, scared dog to a full time bed hog! (Still scared of his water bowl though?!)
Elle's story: on the 29th of July, 2015 my mother in law was told about her friends daughters dog who they didn't want anymore. They basically told her that it was too hard to find a home for her so they were going to have her put down. Elle was 4 months old. She had spent most of her short life locked outside. Not even grass to play on.
Not even a chance in life and they were just going to throw her life away. We were told that the only time they really interacted with her was when they were giving her food. We could tell they really didn't care for her at all. 2 days later, we brought her home. Yep, that quickly. We got her out of that situation fast! We could tell straight away that she had little to no affection before. She squirmed away from you when you pat her, she didn't like to be hugged. With lots and lots of patience, she's improved more than we ever imagined. Now she's super cuddly. Always trying to get right up close to you and she loves her pats! So, now I have two full time bed hogs!
Adopting these two has been one of the best things we could've done and I think they would both agree! In our family, adoption is the only option.
Follow these two amazing Australian rescues:  @hamish.and.elle

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