Gimli & Lilly's Stories

I decided to rescue because I have always grown up with rescue dogs. I have never owned a purebred dog in my life. I have always owned a rescue!

I currently own 4 rescue dogs so each of their personalities are all unique and different! My puggle Gimli is small and likes to think he's king of the house and my wolfhound terrier Lilly is the goofiest dog I have ever met! My 2 oldest dogs Boots and Buddy may be older but that doesn't stop them from having the characteristics and personality as a young dog or puppy! All my dogs have faced abuse and neglect and have been abandoned. I have rescued my whole life and will always rescue!

My biggest fear with rescuing is probably the fear of losing them. I have helped rescue many dogs in the past that have sadly passed away from illness or too much abuse. It's always so hard to lose a dog that you have rescued. Especially when it's not their fault of what happened to them. 
I will always rescue no matter what! I always tell my family and friends and strangers that it's always best to rescue! Rescue dogs are amazing and have gone through so much! They also deserve so much. 
The most positive part in rescuing is at the end of the day you saved a life. You helped a dog who had a rough life or start and you changed their entire life around for the better. Not only do YOU rescue dogs but THEY rescue you too. It's so rewarding especially when they look at you and know that you helped save them.
I would like everyone to know that rescuing is an amazing thing. If you can't rescue Foster. If you can't foster Donate. If you can't donate Volunteer. If you can't volunteer EDUCATE! Everyone can do something to help save the lives of rescues!
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