Daisy-Lou's Story

I (Daisy-Lou's Mumma) have always been a passionate dog lover, and always knew I'd have a rescue dog (or two). It's hard where we live in Vancouver. It's expensive here, and dog-friendly homes are hard to come by, and often even more expensive.. 
My love and obsession with wiener dogs (cue- our foster wiener dog just walks by and licks my face..) began with a sweet boy named Louie. I was living in a place where I couldn't have a dog, and I came across this beautiful boy living in Taiwan, in the hands of a good rescue, looking to move to Vancouver to be with his forever family. I was devastated that I couldn't take him. His face stayed in my mind forever.. I think about them here and there and wonder who his family is, and hope that he is very happy, healthy, and loved..
For my next home I made sure that it was dog friendly in anticipation of welcoming a furry little furiend into my home. I moved at the end of February, and less than a week later, I was driving down to Portland to meet "Zoey". Zoey was a scared, anxiety filled little girl.. With the most beautiful coat and face I'd ever seen. She was so young and her past owners gave up on her. I couldn't stop thinking about her when I saw her. I had to meet her. I invited a boy that I had just started seeing to join me for the drive, and we were on our way. 
I waited at the meeting spot to meet this little girl. I couldn't sleep the night before. I was so nervous and excited. And the moment finally arrived. She walked into the room, and my heart felt warm. She was barking up a storm and so nervous, and wouldn't pay me much mind. But I saw the relationship that she had with her foster mom, I saw how loving and needing of affection she was. I saw how cautious and nervous she was, eating cheese out of my hand. I saw how she loved the squeaker toy and how excited it made her. I signed the paperwork five minutes later. It wasn't love at first sight for the two of us. When adopting a dog, you look at the relationship they have with their foster parent, and you have to think about everything that they've been through. They need your love and patience. 
And so we headed home. On the way home, I was looking at her, and thought of Louie.. And I wanted to pay tribute to him. That is the Lou in her name. And Daisy? Because I knew she was going to blossom like a flower, into the beautiful strong dog she is today.
The drive home wasn't pretty. She howled and cried the entire time. Then more, for days after arriving. Rescue isn't always pretty. But it's love.. it's patience.. it's understanding. It's never giving up. We still deal with some anxiety on a daily basis, but she has a loving family who understand her, and we will do everything we can to never have her feel uncertainty about us. The guy I drove down with to meet Daisy with? He's her father now. We live together, and he would do anything for this little girl. I wish all dogs could be so lucky.
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  • KIm on

    I love sweet little Daisy Lou and her family and I already follow them on Instagram. If I didn’t I’d hit Follow ASAP! This little cutie stole my heart as soon as I saw her picture and her family is the best. I have rescued so many dogs over the years. My most recent, a senior Doxie, who is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Rescued is my favorite breed!

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