Cozee's Story

Why did you decide to rescue?

I had made a huge move from Canada to Arizona, was unemployed, and had plenty of free time on my hands. I have always been such a huge animal lover and wanted to do something good and rewarding with my time. I follow Harley to the Rescue on Facebook. Through their page I saw that you can foster animals and help them find their forever homes. I signed up with the local Humane Society and did my orientation to become a foster Mom. That day changed my life forever. Most people just see the adoption floor. I saw the entirety of the shelter. I found myself alone with a group of strangers completely heart broken with the sadness I saw from abused animals to ones that were found as strays or surrenders. I couldn't contain the pain I felt for these beautiful creatures nor could I understand how humans could be so cruel. I started crying. Two weeks later I saw they sweetest little baby needing foster care for weight gain. As soon as I saw that little face online I called the shelter and said I was on my way to pick up my baby Cozee. That was the very last day she was ever going to see a shelter again.

Please tell us your story with rescuing.

When I first brought Cozee home my husband grabbed her out of my arms and gave her the sweetest hug and told her how beautiful she was. Cozee was just over 2 pounds at that time. Fortunately, a good samaritan had made a call to EMT's after she found Cozee, Cozee's mom and siblings, all malnourished and small. She was very concerned for the well being of the dogs. Sure enough Cozee and her little fur family were taken out of the bad situation that they were in. It was time for the puppies to start eating dog food and unfortunately they weren't getting fed. Cozee was the runt of the litter so she was extra small. Her brothers and sisters were healthy enough to go on the adoption floor right away, but Cozee was too small. The day that I picked her up from the shelter she was so happy. Her little tail didn't stop wagging all day. I had a play pen set up for her since I had my Pomeranian Yotee and I was told that they needed to be separated for 10 days. Well, they liked one another right away and Cozee fit right in. That was the moment I knew in my heart that I was going to be a proud foster failure.
Cozee has the sweetest soul and personality. She loves everybody. She loves to snuggle and always wants to be close to someone. She loves kissing and hugging and loves to play with her big brother.

What was your biggest fear with rescuing?

I was nervous that my other dog wasn't going to accept her since he was so used to being an only child for so long. That fear went away moments after they met. I was also nervous if she had any health issues since she was so malnourished. Sure enough eating was a struggle and still is to this day. She is always panicked that she may not get enough food so she doesn't take her time to eat. She gulps her food and chokes a lot. I've tried so many things to try to help her but I think it's just a trait that she will always have. When she first came home she had a hard time keeping food down, but the shelter was great and provided us with free health care for her and she was fine after a few days.

Would you rescue again?

We will always be a rescue family and we make sure to spread the word on how important it is to adopt and not shop!

What would you say the most positive part of rescuing is?

The best thing about rescuing is the heartwarming feeling knowing that you have given a sweet little animal a second chance at a beautiful loving home that they deserve so much!

What would you like everyone to know about this topic?

I would like for everyone to know just how important it is to adopt and save a life. There is no need to support disgusting puppy mills and even at home breeders. If people just educated themselves on how these "bought" dogs came about it would change so much. Rescue dogs are just as "good quality" as any other. I think they are even better cause they all have an important story. If everyone would just rescue this huge problem of overcrowded shelters wouldn't exist. So many lives are lost simply because there is not enough room for them in the shelters. It's so sad.

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  • Crystal Coll on

    This is one of the most heart felt rescues stories I have read. This tory brought tears of joy to my eyes.

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