Cookie's Story

Why did you decide to rescue?

My family rescued a black cat named Geronimo in April of 1995. That was the start of helping homeless animals. All I have known is adoption, and I would never think to buy an animal.

Please tell us your story with rescuing.

Cookie is a special pup. She came into our lives Jan 19, 2013 after being returned to the rescue she was from three times before. At the beginning, Cookie was pretty tough to handle, but over time she blossomed into such a loving dog! She kept our late dog Lilly company and loves snuggles. She gets along with our current rescue cat, Sara, and loves people. Cookie can be reactive to other dogs, but that does not stop us from loving her to the fullest! 

What was your biggest fear with rescuing and how did this fear play out once all was said and done?

I haven't had any fears on rescue, because my family has only adopted animals. 

Would you rescue again?  

Rescuing an animal gives me such joy and I would do it over and over!

What would you say the most positive part of rescuing is?

The most positive part of rescuing is knowing you are saving an animal's life and giving it a loving forever home. There is nothing like knowing you changed one's life for the better.

What would you like everyone to know about this topic?

Please consider to adopt, don't shop! Do your research so you can find the perfect rescue animal for your family! In return you will be getting unconditional love!

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