Charlie's Story

Why did you decide to rescue?

Deciding to rescue seemed obvious for my fiancée and I. We both work, so we thought an older dog would be a bit easier with training versus bringing home a new puppy.

Please tell us your story with rescuing.

I spontaneously decided to drive up to the local SPCA after work. If I found a connection with a dog, I'd bring him home and surprise my fiancée. I had met a few dogs, but none of them seemed too interested in me. I was about to walk out, when I saw Charlie (he was named "Weezy" then) curled up against the glass. When he was brought out for me he kind of just looked up at me like he was saying "alright, let's do this". Once we got into the meet-and-greet room, he didn't stop kissing me until I said "he's the one". I brought him home that night and we have been inseparable since.

The first thing Charlie did when I brought him home was jump onto a kitchen chair. Since then, he prefers to sit on chairs to make sure he can see everything happening. He also likes to poop ON things. Like tree trunks, stumps, curbs, you name it! Other than that, he gives the best cuddles and is happy whether we spend the day on the couch or if we're out on a hike. 

What was your biggest fear with rescuing?

My biggest fear was not knowing what Charlie had experienced in previous years and if anything would make him uncomfortable. After trial and (some) error, I have discovered he HATES anything touching his feet. He's very laid-back though, so it was easy to introduce him to different situations.

Would you rescue again?

100% would rescue again!

What would you say the most positive part of rescuing is?

Seeing how happy an animal can be once they're out of a shelter and in their forever home.

What would you like everyone to know about this topic?

There are still so many animals that need a home. You'll be happily surprised at how loving a rescue pet can be.

Follow sweet Charlie on his Instagram page:  @jugcharlie

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