Baxter's Story

Why did you decide to rescue?

About 8 years ago, we were living in DC. One night we were headed out of our (big) apartment building in the rain, when a couple walked in with two pups. One was their's and the other was a sweet little girl who was found in a ditch, shivering in the rain. We stopped to talk to them, and when they asked "Do you guys want a dog?" Unfortunately, we were not really in a place to immediately say yes. 

That incident has literally haunted us because this was a dog that NEEDED a home, and while we were not in a place to adopt one, we always felt so guilty that that sweet little pup was in the cold and rain. From that point forward, we decided that when we get a dog, it would be a rescue, no questions asked. A few months later, we moved to NYC. 

Please tell us your story with rescuing. 

While in NYC, we would often puppy-sit our friends morkie (maltese + yorkie) and that was our "fix" if you will for wanting our own pup. Our apartment and lives in NYC were not at all conducive to having a dog, even a small one. I was always traveling for work and working long hours and my husband was in medical residency working insane hours. At one point we did visit with a potential adoptee, but he was adopted by another family. Finally we decided we would just wait until we moved to LA. 

A couple of months after moving to the west coast, we really started looking for rescues pups to adopt. We tried our luck a few times and the pups would get adopted so quickly or they would be foster fails! Finally we found cute Barney and his brother Fred. Fred's photo was blurry, so we inquired about Barney. Luck behold, he had been adopted the week before, but Fred was still available and was living in a foster home! We drove about 40 miles to go meet this sweet little bunny and we were immediately taken by him. We knew we wanted him to be a part of our family. It was a Sunday and we immediately called the rescue and told them we wanted to adopt Fred. The next morning Sasha from Love Leo (the rescue) called and said she would come over to do a home visit and then if everything checked out, we could go pick up the little feller on Wednesday. We were thrilled! 

A couple of hours before her visit, Sasha called again and said she could actually bring Fred over and if it was a fit, she would leave him with us and it would be his forever home! We couldn't contain ourselves. I took the rest of the day off of work and my husband and I rushed to the pet store and bought everything we could think of, then we waited patiently for Fred to come. When he finally did come over, he was so shy and because he was so young (around 4 months) he was a little clumsy. He immediately walked to the bed that we bought for him and sat down playing with some toys. He was home and we all knew it. 

We renamed him Baxter because Baxter street in NYC is where our favorite ice cream shop was. And let's be real, he looks more like a Baxter than a Fred!  

Since that day, Baxter has played an integral part in our lives. He travels every year to Washington, DC to visit his grandparents, uncles, aunt, cousins, and many friends and admirers. This year, he's going to make a stop in NYC! He's made many friends at the park in Santa Monica, where he has regularly scheduled playdates with Joey, Jack, Poptart, Enzo, Chip, Lilly and Teddi - his best friends. 

We often joke that he's just a little boy inside the body of a cute puppy, but honest he has legit human qualities. If my husband leaves for work super early in the morning, he gives Baxi a kiss (who is still sleeping) and he growls as if to say "too early man!" He FaceTimes with grandparents in DC and OC EVERYDAY. He knows the sound for FaceTime so he comes running, and he also engages in conversation by way of howling. It's very cute. He has a box of toys that's about 6x's his size, he wears clothes (think onesies), he gets sad when people leave and he has to sleep touching his humans. 

I've never met a dog like this guy, he's our life. :) 

What was your biggest fear with rescuing and how did this fear play out once all was said and done?

Actually didn't have any fears generally speaking, but I was a little scared about what the poor puppy's past may have been like and what that might mean for behavioral issues. Baxter is a little over-protective of his humans and furry friends, but that's not a huge issue, it's kind of cute and endearing. 

Would you rescue again?  

Absolutely! My husband wants another dog, but I can't imagine splitting my attention from Baxter! 

What would you say the most positive part of rescuing is? 

These are dogs that have no where else to go, they didn't choose to be abandoned - and since we're able and capable of caring for a dog, it's the only way for us.  

What would you like everyone to know about this topic?

There are too many orphaned dogs out there, don't be picky, go meet one in a shelter and you'll see immediately how much love they have to give. If you're not sure, foster one - help keep these innocents out of the shelter. 

@underbitebaxter - Baxter has his own Instagram! Follow his adventures with his friends and humans! 

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